Staying Cool and Healthy This Summer By Using A Misting Fan

FanSummer is a great time to go out and have a good time. You can hang out on the beach or have a pool party for your friends. Summer allows us to travel and explore different places and have tons of fun. However, summer heat can be painful and unbearable on some days. There are days when you can’t even enjoy the summer and just hang out by your poolside or patio because of the scorching heat. When this happens, it is best to cool your surroundings by using a misting fan.

Misting fansuse the evaporative cooling technology to cool down the air in your backyard, patio, poolside, and other parts of your house. Misting fans produce the same cooling effect of an AC or air conditioner, but uses lesser electricity and energy. Using a misting fan is a great way to beat that painful summer heat. It protects you from the adverse effects of summer heat.

Summer is a great time to party and enjoy, however, studies show that extremely hot summer days can affect people’s health. It can even make sick people feel a lot worse. Extreme summer heat can cause many diseases. Summer heat can cause dehydration or orthostatic hypotension, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, and weakness. Here are some of the illnesses that you could prevent this summer by using a misting fan:
1. Heat Stroke –Heat stroke is one of the most severe illnesses that are caused by extreme heat. This can lead to death or permanent disability. Heat stroke happens when an individual does an extremely strenuous activity in the hot and humid weather. This is generally triggered by hypothermia or extreme body heat. This could happen if you play basketball or other strenuous sports in an open field during summer without using cooling systems and ventilation devices.

2. Heat Exhaustion – Hot days could cause one to lose a lot of water and salt in the body. When this happens, one could suffer from heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion could cause nausea, muscle cramps, fatigue, lightheadedness, weakness, and headache. Heat exhaustion can be treated by taking simple measures such as drinking cool water or sports drink, taking a bath, or resting in a cool area. Using misting fans to cool your surroundings can help prevent and treat heat exhaustion.

3. Heat Cramps – Heat cramps are generally muscle spasms or muscle pains caused by extreme heat. Misting fans can help relieve a person from heat cramps. By resting near the fan, the muscle spasms will slowly disappear. By using misting fans on your backyard or on sporting arenas, you could prevent heat cramps.

4. Heat Rash – When exposed to extremely hot weather, a person’s skin can get irritated. Heat rash appears as cluster of skin blisters or red pimple-like marks. Heat rashes can get itchy and can make your skin unattractive. Heat rashes are caused by excessive sweating. To prevent this, it is best to place misting fans on open spaces during the summer. This would prevent you from constantly sweating.

FansEven if the summer heat can have a lot of adverse effects to your skin and overall health, you can still enjoy the summer sun – thanks to misting fans. A misting fan is not only a cheaper and more cost effective alternative of air conditioning. The best thing about misting fans is that you could use them outdoors. You could hang out on your patio for long hours or have a barbecue with your family and friends on a hot Sunday afternoon. Misting fans would allow you to enjoy the summer without having to worry about your health.