Variations for Every Kind of Lanyards

Nowadays, a modern lanyard isn’t simply a cord with a designated connector but they are not a new invention. They can be spotted as early as the 15th century in the French army where they were used to connect an officer’s whistle, pistol or sword to his uniform temporarily. Today, lanyards have a milder but just as important usage in schools, businesses and events. They have connectors that come in many kinds, namely side-squeeze buckles, U-clip, split rings, swivel hooks and swivel bolt snaps.

Here are other lanyard accessories:


Stoppers are important to adjust the cord’s length. They are used to limit the lanyard cord to certain widths. However they are unavailable for cords 1 inch wide but are perfect for shoelace cords (about 3/8 inches). They come as tightly fit beads or a special kind of round plastic beads with a button called a spring stop. There is one disadvantage with stoppers. Although they help adjust the length of the lanyard cord, they could scratch off screen printed texts and designs on the cord.



Crimps are commonly attached at the front end of lanyards to secure the loose and open ends together. They are available in different kinds of openings and sizes to accommodate different kinds and thickness of the cord and are made from nickel and stainless steel. They are commonly sold in bags of 100 pieces from wholesalers and are very rarely sold individually. Crimps have sharp “teeth” to secure itself to the cord. Once attached, they would be very hard to remove.

Breakaway Connectors

Breakaway connectors are placed at the nape part of the lanyard cord. When a lanyard is snagged, breakaway connectors automatically sense the tension and release the lanyard to avoid choking the person. Therefore their function is opposite of the seatbelt’s function. Breakaway connectors are made of plastic and come in round and flat designs. Some even have 3 breakaway connectors. Breakaway connectors can be attached to wide and thin cords.

Lanyard cords are not made of cotton, polyester, nylon or any kind of fabric. They may made from faux leather, beads, clear plastic cord or plastic zipper. Beaded lanyards are often made from woven seed beads but some fashionable variants have pearls, crystals and Murano glass beads. They resemble an elegant opera or lariat necklace and are of course designed especially for women who find typical lanyard cords unfashionable. The company name and logo can’t be incorporated in this kind of lanyard cord so they are not made for strict, professional use.

Faux leather cords look very sophisticated. Texts can be printed on the leather; however, ink colors for faux leather cords are quite limited. Even faux leather lanyard cords almost never come with other colors other than black and different hues of brown. They come in either one strip of ½ inch wide faux leather or 3 thin strips braided together. These are not ideal for mass distribution as it is relatively more expensive.

Lanyards made from plastic cords are not so widely used due to their lack of flexibility and the fact that plastic cords get brittle overtime. Customization is very limited on this kind of cord. Lightweight plastic zipper cords are fun to have and they can also be zipped back to a single cord to avoid any tangles. They come in various colors but customization is very limited. The plastic zipper cord can be printed with gradient colors, simulating a company’s color theme. However no text can be printed on the cord but a dangling silicon badge can be attached to the zipper.

Understanding the 10 Stages of the SEO Process

Search engine optimization is not a two-prong process where you sow and reap. It is a more complicated strategy that needs professional expertise.

These are the 10 stages that you will likely undergo with us.
1.Initial analysis

SEO starts with the analysis of your website. This is our way of knowing how much change and how many services are needed to be done. We check your current status and see how much improvement is needed to achieve your goal.

To do this, we go through your contents and study how you utilize them for internet marketing. You can also visit nyseoexplode for other more details . This is the part where we try to figure out what works best for your niche and target market, and what should be avoided. If we feel that you are wasting a lot of web pages on things that do not help you reach the top pages of search engines, we will recommend complete changes on the system and content management.

2.Keyword research and analysis

In this stage, we determine what keywords best represent your business the way that search engines will pick them up for indexing. Through intensive market research, we will determine what keywords are often used by internet users when looking for anything that has something to do with your niche and exact offering.

Moreover, we will plan how your contents will be built around these keywords to make your website search engine friendly.

3.Competitor analysis

Search Engine Optimization
Your competitors are almost guaranteed to have been using SEO as a part of their own marketing plan. There is also a big chance that they are performing well in the search engine results pages, perhaps outranking you to get more visitors that should have been yours.

To make sure that you lead the race, we will determine what works best for your tightest competitors, and we will apply what we can so that you can take advantage of their own successes. You know what they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. We will do the close monitoring for you.

4.Sitemap and RSS feed inclusion

This is a more technical aspect of SEO that requires experience in both front-end and back-end management. A sitemap makes navigation within your website easier. Like a navigation tree, it puts all important sections of your website in one location, and make sure that linking is properly carried on as you build your content along the way.

RSS feed inclusion, on the other hand, is the process of publishing feeds of your websites to make them reach your target market easier and faster. It allows faster syndication of contents, like blog updates, news, media files, and system updates.

5.Search engine and directory submission

The submission of your website to various search engines and directories is important to expedite the discovery, which means you can be indexed faster. Although search engine crawlers find new websites all the time to provide the most credible search results, it sometimes takes time, especially if your contents are relatively new and your traffic is still at the low end of the spectrum.

Directories, on the other hand, help you spread brand awareness as they give your website exposure to their partner sites, as well as include your URL to their feed blasts.

6.Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking nowadays is just another term for tagging. However, it is actually a broader term that only covers tagging as one of its primary mechanisms.

With the help of social bookmarking, your visitors will be able to bookmark your web documents for easier sharing. They will also be able to annotate and edit the bookmarks for whatever way they want to use them.

7.Blogs and press release creation

Of course, SEO is not complete without blog creation. Nowadays, even corporate websites have their own blog sections because people need to see that behind the formality are reader friendly contents that they can understand in a way that appeals to all kinds of visitors. Blogs also make your website more relevant to a lot of people because they tend to get the most shares through social media.

As with any kind of business as well, press releases need to be created to raise awareness of your business and all the updates that need to be disseminated.

8.Article submission

After the creation of website contents, we will submit them to various premium article directories to help us with the distribution and feed management. These article directories blast updates from their members through the creation of back links to a web document. They serve as a comprehensive listing of SEO articles.

9.Link popularity

This is where off-page optimization comes in. We will establish credible and clean back links to your website to ensure that you get enough traffic by making it more accessible. Inbound marketing will also be an important aspect of search engine optimization to keep inbound traffic coming in.

Viral marketing will also play an important role as this is the best way links get popular at the shortest amount of time.

10.SERP report

The last stage is where the measurement of success comes in. There is no other way to find out if your website has really benefited from our services but by looking into the search engine results pages. We guarantee you that with close coordination, you will be able to see your website in the first page of major search engines like Google and Bing.

Trendy Silicon Bracelets as More than Just Arm Candy

Do you remember those yellow LiveStrong wristbands by the world renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong? If you do, you will agree that it has gone a long way.

Back in 2004, the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong introduced the LiveStrong yellow silicon bracelets as a fundraising tool for a Foundation which he had established for cancer awareness. It was indeed the first of its kind. Initially, they were only worn by various celebrities, politicians and/or athletes. But ordinary people started to notice them and began asking about the yellow wristbands. It started a craze then and everybody wanted the yellow LiveStrong wristbands. In the process, they sold a ton of this novelty item and successfully generated a considerable amount of money for the Foundation. It was a win-win situation. Little did Lance Armstrong know that it did not only spread cancer awareness in the way he had planned it, but it also started a trend.

Rubber Bracelets
A lot of companies then followed suit and endeavored to use these wristbands as a tool to help introduce, promote and market their products and brands to the consumer world. It is indeed an effective marketing tool. They are quite colorful and hip and they do catch people’s attention. The best part of it all is that they do not cost as much. They come in different sizes and colors and you can be as creative as you want with them. You can choose to put your own company’s logo, a catchy phrase or a specific message which can be imprinted or embossed on them.

These silicon bracelets are also used in fundraising projects by various non-profit organizations and institutions. They sell them inexpensively for a cause and at the same time create buzz about the specific programs they want to promote. An example of this is a drive for the breast cancer awareness. The particular organization had these in pink colors and sold them in different outlets to raise funds and further the cause of early detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Silicon Bracelet
Some other companies use these wristbands as give-aways at trade shows and events – all with the purpose of creating brand awareness, loyalty and retention.Church groups have also used these items to help in their evangelization campaign. Do you remember the phrase “WWJD?”? That was such a popular and effective evangelization campaign using a variety of tools. They had these four (4) letters printed in shirts, tote bags, car plates, stickers, aprons and eventually on silicon bracelets as well. The latter was especially designed to click with the younger generation.

There are simply a plethora of uses for these silicon bracelets, not just for marketing purposes. Some wristbands come with serial numbers for the purpose of entry access to events. This is done simply to help eliminate the problem of lost tickets. But can you believe that they have produced wristbands as raffle tickets events as well? These are the ones with pull out tab or stubs that can be detached, and the corresponding wristbands serve as the raffle tickets. That’s an ingenious way of making sure that raffle tickets do not get lost.

Nowadays, these wristbands or braceletsare also considered to be arm candy, especially as they come in various colors and patterns. There’s even a glow in the dark version that’s great for low light venues like concerts and bars. With the trendier designs out in the market, the wristbands or bracelets have evolved into a fashion accessory too. In fashion, this is where you can find other designs such as swirls, random print, and tie-dye prints.

Indeed, these silicon bracelets have come a long way. As people keep getting creative, you can definitely expect to have more use for these bracelets.