Storage Containers: Common Uses And Special Features

Containers are an ideal storage solution for both residential and commercial purposes. Whether you need rental units for your construction tools and equipment, or while your home is under renovation, we will deliver quick and affordable space for your particular storage requirements.

Movable storage containers revolutionize the freight and forwarding system not only in the US, but all across the globe. Moving containers have many uses and advantages, making them an increasingly popular storage solution.

These products can be used by:

Home Owners and Residents

Movable containers can be used during the process of moving or while your house is undergoing improvements. These are convenient on-site storage that provide extra space and secure your valuable belongings while remodeling or renovating.

Retail and Commercial Business

Containers are the ideal storage solution for seasonal high-demand inventory. As they are portable, storage containers can be used during new store openings, holidays, promotions, renovations, as well as during special occasions that require frequent on and off-loading.

Construction Companies and Contractors

Portable Storage ContainerContractors often move from one construction site to another and they need reliable containers where they can portably store their tools while doing so. Our containers can be depended on for safe and quick storage of tools. In fact, our customer base consists of a number of general and specialty contractors that are included in the Top Contractor’s List on the Engineering News-Record (ENR).

Hotels, Hospitals and Small Business

Containers are suitable to be used in storing office supplies, furniture, financial records and medical equipment. If you’re looking to expand the capacity of your warehouse, movable containers are also perfect for that purpose.

Schools, Municipalities and Government Entities

Wind and water resistant, containers can safely and securely store your supplies during disaster relief operations. These products can also safeguard high-security records and confidential documents.

Containers from

If you’re looking for movable storage, portable storage containers, cubicle containers, mobile office, or temporary storage for no matter what purpose, we can provide containers to fulfill your storage needs. You can either rent or buy our containers, depending on your budget and specific needs. We value customer relation and partnership, and are committed to providing you with superior storage services and solutions.

Here are some of the features and specifications of our containers to give you an idea of what we offer:

• Our containers come in four sizes: 20 ft., 40 ft., 40 ft. high cube, and 45 ft.

• The weight of each container depends on its size. However, do note that these weights are only approximates. The weight of the containers varies from one manufacturer to another.

20 ft. – 4850 lbs.
40 ft. – 8200 lbs.
40 ft. high cube – 8600 lbs.
45 ft. – 10,350 lbs.

• Containers have two doors on one end. If you prefer, you can request to load the container(s) with the two swing doors facing.

• For safety and security reasons, you can opt to have your container(s) delivered to you with a High-Security lockbox fastened to the container doors.

• Each container has 1¼ plywood flooring or marine wood plank. If you are planning to use the container as a mobile office, you can request to install special walls to make it more accommodating.

Storage Containers

• All our storage containers are wind and water tight. You can guarantee that they will be leak-proof upon delivery, even during rainy weather conditions.

• Containers are made of twelve gauge-corrugated steel with wood flooring and reinforced base.

• Either side of the container has vents to promote cross ventilation.

• Containers are available in various colors. Most common colors are dark-brown, red-oxide and beige. You can confirm the color of the container you’re getting prior to delivery.

Important Reminders

• If you’re planning to get a storage container delivered, of course you need to have ample space to accommodate it. Minimum width is 10 feet and 14 feet for the height. You also need to have a linear clearance of at least 80-120 feet. The space for the container must be on leveled ground.

• You may need a permit in order to keep the container on your property. To verify whether a permit is required or not, you can check with your county as different counties follow different rules and regulations.

Movable Cubicles

• We do not allow modifications to our containers while on rent. If you need to do modifications such as drilling holes and putting shelving inside the container, you may consider purchasing a storage container so that you can customize it to your exact requirements.

• Upon order confirmation, we can typically deliver your storage container(s) within 3-4 business days.

• We provide storage containers for your desired time period. Once you are done using the container and it is emptied out, we pick it up from your location. Kindly notify us at least 4 days prior to your desired date and time of pick-up.

If you have further questions, give us a call today and our specialists will be more than glad to assist you regarding your storage needs.

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