Personalization Choices for Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins come with world-class designs that distinguish them from regular collectible coins are available at for consumers. But more than their design, a coin maker can also offer numerous options that enhance these coins’ appeal.

The following are the common coin style options available for buyers:

Metal styles

Custom CoinsMetal styles refer to coins’ characteristics in reference to the metal type where they are patterned. Famous metal styles are gold, silver, brass, nickel and others. Buyers can choose among these metal styles to attain their preferred coin type. They can divert from the usual metal styles used for conventional military branch and set a design that best describe their troop.


Finishes refer to the coin’s luster. Options are polished and antique finishes. Polished surfaces are shiny, which is the main characteristic of new coins. Nevertheless, some people want the vintage feel brought by antique finishes. Antique finishes make the coin look old, which also has its own valuable appeal. For individuals obtaining antique finishes, buyers should remember that choosing this finish may cost additional money. Aging any product is considered as an art requiring superb skills from experts. Furthermore, additional components like coloring agents and aging elements are used to come up with such finish for custom military coins.

Diamond cut edges

Diamond cut edges refer to the thin, elevated area running along a coin’s edge. Regular coins also have this part and usually used for scratching cards. Standard cut edges refer to the plain design usually found on typical coins. However, buyers can also make their military coins fancier with other cut edge types. Other cut edges are rope, cross and oblique cut edges, which have their distinct designs that enhance coins’ styles to look better than others.

Epoxy coating

Placing epoxy coating is overlaying coin surfaces with a transparent material for accent. They make coins look shiner while enhancing the design underneath it. It makes colors extra vibrant leaving inks dry as is.

Aside from being a coin embellishment, filling the coin with epoxy coating also protects its design and used materials. This will serve as first line of defense from scratches that may damage the coin’s entire appeal. Numerous individuals obtaining custom military coins with epoxy coating are satisfied with the coating’s offered protection, which benefit their coin collection.

3D designs

Usually, designs placed on coins are mere images with edges for emphasizing the design. However, 3D designs seem to have that embossed appeal on coins and make them look special and valuable.


Coins may appeal as nothing, but for display purposes alone. Luckily, custom military coins can have specific functionalities that make them extra useful for recipients. Extra functions include adding keychain attachments, which make their coins as key chains instead of usual coin displays.

Another function is by attaching a bottle opener with it. The good thing about these coins is it’s possible to use different shapes, which also make it possible to add a space for bottle openers. Military coins can now be a good gift for military men who love collecting bottle openers.

Sequential numbers

Personalization is king in having unique military coins. Sequential numbers are like code numbers placed on coins’ surfaces. Each recipient will have unique coin numbers that makes it a more special memorabilia for a certain person.

Distributing custom military coins becomes more special for people because of these available personalization options. Choosing several of these characteristics for a coin order will make coins extra special and meant for specific recipients. Personalization choices allow customers to be more creative in their desired styles, particularly for events when these memorabilia are distributed.