How to Choose the Right Funeral Services

A funeral is not a fashion statement nor is it a means to splurge for the sake of making a point. However, it is still important to choose the right funeral services for you and your family. It is up to you which priorities to highlight. Some people may focus on the style, theme, and the requests of the deceased when he was still alive. Others may rely on the budget at hand and yet others may consider the time in which the guests and family are available. Here are ways that can help you select or design the right funeral.

Cremation versus Burial

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One of the first things to consider is whether there will be a traditional burial with caskets and all, or a quick and efficient cremation. For traditional families with plots of land in cemeteries, a traditional burial may be the obvious option. It would be easy for them to visit the burial ground and it would be in keeping with their traditional values. However, there are still sub-options to consider. The family could avail of full services or a grave burial, wherein the only program consists of prayers and last words at the grave itself.

If cremation is selected then there are also sub-options to consider. Would you like to scatter the ashes into the sea or on the ground to mix with the soil, or would you rather place the ashes in an urn to keep in your home?

Regarding the Cost

The cremation can cost less than a burial. You won’t need a fancy casket to display at the wake or a plot of land in a cemetery. However, there isn’t just one budget option for traditional burials, either. Funeral services can vary from purely on the grave services only to elaborate several day wake, memorial and funeral packages.

There are plenty of other considerations when weighing the cost of funeral services: type of funeral, chapel rental, personalized items, handling of documents, caskets or urns, floral design, and many more. You can make some adjustments so that while you avail of complete services, you still do not end up draining your budget.

Considering the Time

There is also the issue of time. There are various factors to consider here as well. Is the body of the deceased badly disfigured because of an accident or a disease that it cannot be displayed, anyway? Is this the same reason for the need to bury the departed loved as early as possible?

There are various other reasons for burying earlier than expected. Maybe family members can only assemble during a certain period of time. Whatever the reason may be, shorter proceedings will equate to less expenses.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some circumstances that require the extension of funeral services. Maybe friends and family will be arriving from another city or country. Maybe several people would need to be there.
For quicker services, the on the grave funeral would be ideal, while the full traditional would be expected if the wake and memorial are going to be extended.

Adding Details

All of the other details that you want to add to the funeral should also be considered. No two services have to be identical. You can add your own personal touches. There are no rules as to how you would want your loved one’s life to be celebrated and their death remembered. The family gets to decide what music to play, what songs to play, and who will conduct the services.

How to choose the right funeral services? You just jot down the details that you are concerned about and then see if the funeral director can have all your preferences arranged.

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