Trendy Silicon Bracelets as More than Just Arm Candy

Do you remember those yellow LiveStrong wristbands by the world renowned cyclist Lance Armstrong? If you do, you will agree that it has gone a long way.

Back in 2004, the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong introduced the LiveStrong yellow silicon bracelets as a fundraising tool for a Foundation which he had established for cancer awareness. It was indeed the first of its kind. Initially, they were only worn by various celebrities, politicians and/or athletes. But ordinary people started to notice them and began asking about the yellow wristbands. It started a craze then and everybody wanted the yellow LiveStrong wristbands. In the process, they sold a ton of this novelty item and successfully generated a considerable amount of money for the Foundation. It was a win-win situation. Little did Lance Armstrong know that it did not only spread cancer awareness in the way he had planned it, but it also started a trend.

Rubber Bracelets
A lot of companies then followed suit and endeavored to use these wristbands as a tool to help introduce, promote and market their products and brands to the consumer world. It is indeed an effective marketing tool. They are quite colorful and hip and they do catch people’s attention. The best part of it all is that they do not cost as much. They come in different sizes and colors and you can be as creative as you want with them. You can choose to put your own company’s logo, a catchy phrase or a specific message which can be imprinted or embossed on them.

These silicon bracelets are also used in fundraising projects by various non-profit organizations and institutions. They sell them inexpensively for a cause and at the same time create buzz about the specific programs they want to promote. An example of this is a drive for the breast cancer awareness. The particular organization had these in pink colors and sold them in different outlets to raise funds and further the cause of early detection and prevention of breast cancer.

Silicon Bracelet
Some other companies use these wristbands as give-aways at trade shows and events – all with the purpose of creating brand awareness, loyalty and retention.Church groups have also used these items to help in their evangelization campaign. Do you remember the phrase “WWJD?”? That was such a popular and effective evangelization campaign using a variety of tools. They had these four (4) letters printed in shirts, tote bags, car plates, stickers, aprons and eventually on silicon bracelets as well. The latter was especially designed to click with the younger generation.

There are simply a plethora of uses for these silicon bracelets, not just for marketing purposes. Some wristbands come with serial numbers for the purpose of entry access to events. This is done simply to help eliminate the problem of lost tickets. But can you believe that they have produced wristbands as raffle tickets events as well? These are the ones with pull out tab or stubs that can be detached, and the corresponding wristbands serve as the raffle tickets. That’s an ingenious way of making sure that raffle tickets do not get lost.

Nowadays, these wristbands or braceletsare also considered to be arm candy, especially as they come in various colors and patterns. There’s even a glow in the dark version that’s great for low light venues like concerts and bars. With the trendier designs out in the market, the wristbands or bracelets have evolved into a fashion accessory too. In fashion, this is where you can find other designs such as swirls, random print, and tie-dye prints.

Indeed, these silicon bracelets have come a long way. As people keep getting creative, you can definitely expect to have more use for these bracelets.